Create Responsive Menu with WordPress Plugin

Responsive menu is a WordPress  plugin that creates a nice three-lined menu button or responsive menu when the site viewed on devices that users can click to bring a slide out menu, which is easily navigated . 

We don’t need to code responsive menu to themes,  just install the plugin and activate the plugin through Plugins menu in WordPress. Once the plugin activated, we’ll see three-lined menu button on top right of the site when screen resolution adjusted

The Responsive Select Menu plugin has an easy to use admin that allows us to easily change settings such as Menu Title, Menu Title Image, Button Title, Button Title Image,  Menu Depth To Display, Top Location, Right Percentage Location, Line & Text Colour, Menu Button Background Colour, Absolute and Fixed Positioning, Menu Font, Menu Title Colour, Menu Title Hover Colour, Menu Title Background Colour, Menu Text Colour, Menu Text Hover Colour, Menu Background Colour, Menu Link Background Hover Colour. There are 45 customisable options in the plugin

From 45 options, we found following options are ones that need to be setup first before customising other options in the plugin

  • Change Menu Breakpoint option from default 600px to 1020px to show on tablet portrait, landscape mobile sizes and portrait mobile sizes
  • Change Menu Width from 75% to 50% to make menu narrow when takes up across the page once expanded
  • Change Location Settings, Top and Right to adjust with your theme header.


Great thing about this plugin is that easy to configure and instant implementation,no shortcodes or fancy php code to be inserted by us.


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