Review Affordable Action Camera, Brica B Pro 5 AE3S Black EIS

I want an action camera for a long time, but I don’t want to spend more money for GoPro (sorry, GoPro).

However, the average, cheap and affordable action cameras did not have good image stabilization until I found the BRICA B Pro 5 AE3S Black EIS action camera.

Prices in Indonesia for this camera are IDR 999,000.00 or around USD$ 69. It includes casings, accessories and remote and microphones.

It’s a brief explanation of the Brica website about this camera, Record Your Video in 4K with the All-New B-Pro5 Alpha Edition Mark 3 [S] Action Camera with Dual LCD Display, and Built-in External Microphone Port.

When the package containing this camera arrived at home, I got a shirt as a gift, and the contents of the box complete for the action camera at the lowest price. Here is the unboxing video that I made,

I use SanDisk 32GB SDHC memory card, with video resolution set to 1080p30fps. I do not use 4K because the higher the resolution, the greater the space used for recording on a memory card. And battery power also runs out quickly if the higher the resolution.
I feel resolution 1080p30fps is enough for YouTube vlog. So far I have not bought additional memory cards. I immediately moved the video to a smartphone through the application BPRO5 AE3S which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Don’t try to move the video directly from the memory card to the computer with a card reader, I lost the video when I did it.

The battery is the shortcomings of this Brica action camera. I bought 2 extra batteries as a backup.

For recording, I’m quite satisfied. I rarely improve the quality of videos at Post Production. I only add text and music and cut videos.

What needs to be set on the camera Brica is an ISO, metering and exposure compensation. I set ISO to 100 to avoid grains, metering to matrix and exposure compensation depending on how much light is there when we shoot the video.

Accessories inside the box makes me able to use it directly. Here is an example of using Brica Black EIS as a Dashcam, and how I mounted this action camera for cycling,

EIS has been wonderful for me. I take this camera on walk without a chest strap. It’s stabilized enough when holding by hands. However I do recommend a chest strap or a head strap to guarantee the stabilization.


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