How to transfer cPanel accounts from one server to another cPanel server

The server we are transferring the accounts from : OLD SERVER
The server to are transferring the accounts to : NEW SERVER

1. Log into WHM. If your server is a new server, create a main account. The main account is also your new server’s  name servers (NS1 and NS2) . Or if your server isn’t a new server, you can create or use another account available on your NEW SERVER. The account will be used to accept backup files from OLD SERVER. Remember : We need  an address (we can use domain name or IP address), NEW SERVER’s account and its password to be used as a container for OLD SERVER’s backup files.

1. Log into cPanel account. If you don’t know your clients login (if you move entire content of the server with some accounts belongs to clients), use that client username and your master password. Choose Admin Layer
2. Choose Backup (Do not choose Backup Wizard). Then choose Generate/Download A Full Backup
3. Select the backup destination to Remote FTP Server.
4. Enter you email address for verification. If you are transferring your client, make sure to enter your own email address, not your client’s
5. Enter this :
Remote Server : NEW SERVER’s address (you can use domain name or ip address)
Remote User : NEW SERVER’s account (you can use NEW SERVER’s main account. This was explained in PROCESS ON NEW SERVER STEP NO. 1)
Remote Password : NEW SERVER’s account password
PORT : 21
6. That would be enough. Click Generate Backup. This may take some time to back up the files, depending on how large the account is. You should receive an email once it’s complete.

1. Log into SSH on your NEW SERVER
2. type this :
cd /home/account_name
note : account_name is the name of the account used to back up OLD SERVER’s account files

Running the list command will make you see the tar file of the account on the OLD SERVER.
3. Move the tar file to your NEW SERVER’s /home directory with the following command :
mv tar_file_name /home
4. Log into NEW SERVER’s WHM and go to Backup and choose Restore a Full Backup/cpmove file. You should see the OLD SERVER’s file with old account’s username under Possible cpmove archives found.
5. Type in the account name ( I suggested that you should use same account name with old account) in the text field in WHM (Enter the username for the account you wish to restore)
6. Click Restore

Additional information : After transfer completed, check out a package on an account. Make sure you setup the right package used by the account.
Warning : If you use each step above, you should restore each account,  not multiple accounts  at once. When you reach step no 2 in AFTER YOU GET OLD SERVER’s Backup File on NEW SERVER, move only one file to /home directory or you coud  make cPanel confused.

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