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  • Repair WordPress Database

    Repair WordPress Database

    When a WordPress table crash, one symptom might be that all of your posts seem to have disappeared, or perhaps all of your drafts. You may even get a message in phpMyAdmin telling you that one of your tables haves crashed. No need to worry. Repairing tables is very easy. Warning : backup the WordPress […]

  • WordPress Database Optimization

    WordPress Database Optimization

    WordPress is powered by PHP and depends on MySQL database; in fact, all the content, including the website settings, are stored in it. When your WordPress site is visited, the web server will query the database to retrieve all the necessary information to display. However, over time, the speed required for querying the database will […]

  • Moving WordPress blog from a subdomain to a subfolder

    I had this blog and this main site on same domain, pixert.com a year ago. I got high traffic to same domain. I separated the blog from main site after serious problems occurred. I made pixert.com/blog for blog and pixert.com for main site That’s a mistake I should  not done. Most startups have their blog […]

  • Web Page Compression: Enable gzip Encoding and Caching

    Website load is one factor Google been considered to rank websites in their search engine. The next tutorial explain a step to improve loading time in your website. This step is focusing on gzip encoding and caching, it compress the content from your server to the client browser. The reduced file size is what speeds up […]

  • Redirect https to http on your site with .htaccess

    You can use the following snippet to avoid having duplicate listings in the search engines or when your site showing security errors on your browser

  • Hide the Apache Web Server Version number

    There are two config directives that controls Apache version. The ServerSignature directive adds a line containing the Apache HTTP Server server version and the ServerName to any server-generated documents, such as error messages sent back to clients. The ServerTokens directive controls whether Server response header field which is sent back to clients includes a description of the […]