How to Fix WordPress Maintenance Mode

“Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance. Check back in a minute.”

This error warning got highlighted on all blog pages and WordPress admin as the site became inaccessible when we are doing Automatic Upgrade. There was no way to get access to the site or WordPress Admin.

When WordPress autoupgrades, it inserts a .maintenance file in the WordPress root directory, which displays the message, so people don’t see the broken php codes as the site continues to upgrade. Once the WordPress core and database is upgraded, the .maintenance file is deleted and the site comes back online normally. In some cases, the process gets stuck, and the .maintenence file fails to get deleted.

FTP into your server and login to the WordPress root installation.Delete the .maintenance file. And your site will come back online.

Go to WP Admin to see if WordPress asking for a database upgrade. If WordPress doesn’t ask for a database upgrade, you can login.

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