WordPress Theme Review : Pinboard by Themify

Pinterest has obviously gotten a lot of attention lately,it focuses on visual appearance to spread your words and it is one of the best way inspire people nowadays. Pinterest is using dynamic grid layout, features an auto stacking layout with infinite scroll. Themify created Pinterest style theme for WordPress name Pinboard that uses an auto stacking layout with infinite scroll.  The Pinboard theme is working perfectly and responsively on any resolution using a desktop or mobile devices, such as iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Android.

A. Installation

Installation is very easy just like other WordPress theme.

1. Upload the theme via FTP to WP-Content > Themes folder

2. Go to WP-Admin > Appearance > Themes > Pinboard > Activate

B. Setup

This documentation is really helpful. They even provided sample content within the theme folder if you new with WordPress or just want quick guide to setup the theme.  I imported the sample content into Pinboard install. I quickly get same content and look with Demo site.We can change all content later.

Pinboard Settings page is also easy to use. I just configured what I need and what I want for the theme to display. In a matter of minutes, I was able to configure the settings, widgets and colors. It worked really well.

Pinboard has 7 theme skins, we don’t need to create custom color. If you want your site display different color every week, this theme made that easy

C. Look

The theme look alike Pinterest, especially small board layout. The infinite scroll work well and very fast to load. Medium and Large boards are also good, you can provide as options for visitor to choose just like demo site. I also view Pinboard on Android/iOS (responsive), it just as amazing as Pinterest. The theme also support lightbox gallery for images, videos

D. Pros & Cons


The interface in the WP Dashboard allows significant theme changes without worrying about coding.


You can upload featured image via Themify Custom Panel, however no option to change it to uploaded images in Media Library
I don’t use this feature much, instead I go straight to Media Library to upload then set featured image or change it by set another image as featured image


I recommend Pinboard by Themify if you are looking Pinterest style theme for WordPress. The features is amazing, overall is easy to install and use. Pricing is also competitive and fit to budget

Pinboard – Demo


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  1. New to WP: using Pinboard will be my first site. Awesome to finally find some documentation! Thanks. 
    Not sure how this will all go… seems pretty confusing so far.

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