WordPress Backup Plugins and Services

Regular backup of your site will make you fill safer than any other above. Backup is a must if you have had put a lot of work and energy to your site. It takes a lot of time to fix your site after attack without backup.

Few ways to backup WordPress sites

  • Premium Plugins

    1. Backup Buddy

      Backup Buddy schedules and backs up your data to Amazon S3 server or an e-mail or an FTP / FTPS account, Restore your WordPress site with your themes, widgets, plugins etc., on the same server or migrate it to a new server with a new name and domain like Sandbox or Playground site
  • Free Plugins

    1. WP-DB-Backup

      WP-DB-Backup plugin creates a backup of your core database tables and also other tables in the database and gives you an option of saving your back up data either to your server or download to your computer or save get you backup file e-mailed to you.
    2. WP-DBManager

      A complete plugin to optimize, repair, backup, restore, and delete the backup database and also to run your queries is offered by WP-DB Manager. Also manages the automatic scheduling of the back-up and manages your whole database.
  • Services

    1. VaultPress

      VaultPress safeguards everything from our plugins, themes, comments, post-revisions with WordPress multi-cloud backups. Updates your blog with hot – fixes and protects them with zero-day vulnerabilities.
    2. BlogVault

      blogVault creates a backup of your blog which includes the full posts, comments, images, plugins, themes and style sheets by copying them into its secure and robust servers which lets you restore the contents any time easily.
    3. ManageWP

      ManageWP is a service that lets you administrate all of your WordPress websites from the one area. external FTP, Amazon S3 and Dropbox. You can schedule backups on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The number of backups you want to keep can be set and you can choose to delete older backups from your server
    4. CodeGuard

      A user friendly service that backs your website up on a regular basis and checks your files for known malware.


2 responses to “WordPress Backup Plugins and Services”

  1. Back up plugins wow this really a great info,As an IT services guy in Finland back up is really a very important thing in it,well looking for a good backup plugins is quite hard and many thanks for this.

  2. Kenneth Poulsen Avatar
    Kenneth Poulsen

    Might wan’t to add Backuper to your list:

    It’s the only plugin that will do a complete cPanel backup.
    It works the same way as if you created a complete backup from within your cPanel control panel, except this plugin automate the process.

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