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  • Moving WordPress blog from a subdomain to a subfolder

    I had this blog and this main site on same domain, pixert.com a year ago. I got high traffic to same domain. I separated the blog from main site after serious problems occurred. I made pixert.com/blog for blog and pixert.com for main site That’s a mistake I should  not done. Most startups have their blog […]

  • Limiting Access to Admin folder via .htaccess

    Some CMS have admin folder. It’s an important folder because it has all the files that deal with administration. If the security of the files in it is compromised, bad things can happen. One effective option to reducing the risk of a security breach on the Admin folder is by limiting the IP addresses that […]

  • How to get Administrator access back in WordPress?

    How to get Administrator access back in WordPress?

    Your role was Administrator. Suddenly, someone has changed your role in WordPress. You login to WordPress admin as a subscriber,you see  Profile page instead getting fully-functional Admin page.   How to get your role as an Administrator back? 1. Get help from another Administrator You can ask another Administrator to switch your current role back to […]