How to get Administrator access back in WordPress?

Your role was Administrator. Suddenly, someone has changed your role in WordPress.
You login to WordPress admin as a subscriber,you see  Profile page instead getting fully-functional Admin page.   How to get your role as an Administrator back?

1. Get help from another Administrator

You can ask another Administrator to switch your current role back to Administrator.
Login to WordPress Admin.  Go to Users section on the left sidebar of WordPress Dashboard page.
Click Users.  Edit your username. Change your current role from Subscriber to Administrator.
Click Update Profile button. Logout from WordPress Admin. Login again with your username.

2. PhpMyAdmin

Most Control Panel has PhpMyAdmin feature in it. Open PhpMyAdmin.
Find wp_usermeta table in the left sidebar of PhpMyAdmin. Click it.
Click Browse tab, you’ll get all content of the table.

See your nickname, there’s meta_key name wp_capabilities under that nickname.
Change meta_value from




Save the new meta value .

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