Mac App Store: “You Have Updates Available for Other Accounts”

This what was happening when I tried to update Coda 2 on Mac

I have only one Apple ID, when I clicked the Purchases tab, the button next to Coda 2 showed Update. I clicked it and got a dialog, “You have updates available for other accounts.”

This is how to fix it
1. Repair Disk Permission.
Launch Disk Utility (/Applications/Utilities), select your startup disk and click the Repair Disk Permissions button near the bottom of the window. In a couple of minutes your permissions will be set right.
Source: Macworld
2. Enable Spotlight Indexing
There are two solutions in NGPixel blog post, solution no 2, that is using terminal command is working for me

  • Open a Terminal window.
  • Type the following command: sudo mdutil -i on /
  • You are required to enter your Mac OSX login password, if you have setup Mac OSX login. A message saying “Indexing enabled.” should appear after a few seconds.
  • Close the Terminal window and the Spotlight indexing should now start automatically. (Again, a dot will appear inside the Spotlight icon during the indexing process)
  • Wait for it to finish and then launch the Mac App Store<

Note: If Spotlight hasn’t started to index, please try to restart your Mac
Source: NGPixel


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