How to disable phpinfo

The phpinfo() function is a very powerful one,  you can learn quite a lot about your PHP installation. Some server administrators may choose to disable the PHP function phpinfo() for security reasons, because it displays information which can be used to compromise the server that your site is running on. You can completely disable phpinfo(). First find the php.ini file :

php -i| grep php.ini

Open php.ini with VI or Pico.

#vi php.ini 

change the line that includes the disable_functions directive so that it says :

disable_functions = phpinfo

– If you have access to WHM, login to WHM. See Service Configuration on the Right Sidebar. Click PHP Configuration Editor. Click Switch to Advanced Mode. Find the disable_functions directive, add the following in that directive


– If you only have access to .htaccess, you can use the following In .htaccess, add a line that says

php_value disable_functions phpinfo

Note: disable phpinfo means that you cannot check PHP version with phpinfo()

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