Free Tools to scan Malware in your website

  • Google Safe Browsing. It is a handy tool, which allows you to test a website which you think may not be genuine or distributing malware. Type the following in your browser address bar :
  • Sucuri Free Malware and Virus Scanner. The most popular and up-to-date tool to scan Malware and Virus on your site.
  • AVG Scan Web PagesThe AVG Scan Web Pages lets you check the safety of individual web pages
  • Norton Safe Web This is similar to AVG Scan Web Pages.It lets you check web pages


3 responses to “Free Tools to scan Malware in your website”

  1. Thank you. This has been very helpful to me. I will use these tools regularly from now on. 

  2. You need more to make sure that your website is safe, frequent antivirus and backup and good service

  3. Henry Price Avatar
    Henry Price

    You can use ESET Antivirus as a virus removal tool.It doesnt required online connection and you can perform scanning on the schedule basis.

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