Change Chrome search engine from regional to google.com

Chrome search engine switch to google.com
We notice today that Chrome search engine in Android is from a regional site or a  country-specific site rather than default www.google.com .

Google uses IP Address and cookies to determine location and the corresponding Google search engine to use

We prefer default www.google.com than the regional site as Chrome search engine default, the workaround for this problem is simple just follow these steps

1. Open this URL in the address bar field, www.google.com/ncr . After that search something or keyword in the Google.com search field box. This action will save new preference.

2. Close Chrome by press and hold home button then swipe Google Chrome or End Application in Active Application tab (Samsung Galaxy Note)

3. Launch Chrome and search something in browser’s omnibox, the browser popup warning says would you like to search with google.com instead of google.co.id?. Click switch to google.com

Chrome search engine settings


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