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  • WordPress: Shortcode in Custom Field

    Normally wordpress does not run shortcode that you put into a custom field. By default, Custom Fields display whatever value you enter, as plain-text, so if you try entering a shortcode, (in the format [shortcode] VALUE [/shortcode]) you’ll end up displaying the entire text, including the tags. Add the following in your template file, it […]

  • WordPress: Disable All Shortcodes from the_content

    The following code snippet will remove ALL shortcodes from the_content Add the following code snippet to the functions.php of your theme You can disable shortcodes from particular page, e.g Home Page

  • MP4 video cannot play on iPad/iPod/iPhone using JW Player shortcode

    It seems that this is a bug on JW Player for WordPress plugin We added JW Player or WordPress plugin shortcode with a mp4 video in it, the video plays on Macbooks and PCs, but it shows blank on iPad or iPod or iPhone. Although HTML5 as default mode, it doesn’t work. How to fix […]