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  • Protect .htaccess file

    When avisitor tries to obtain access to .htaccess file, server automatically generates a 403 forbidden error. However, we can apply an extra layer of security to .htaccess Add the following Note: htaccess file permissions is 644 (chmod)

  • Limiting Access to Admin folder via .htaccess

    Some CMS have admin folder. It’s an important folder because it has all the files that deal with administration. If the security of the files in it is compromised, bad things can happen. One effective option to reducing the risk of a security breach on the Admin folder is by limiting the IP addresses that […]

  • How to find Access Token for your Twitter app?

    How to find Access Token for your Twitter app?

    It looked like a silly thing when I had tried to make one of my plugin worked with Twitter. It started from Twitter settings page. Twitter settings page has a tab called Connections. It shows applications that allowed to get access to your Twitter account. If you are Developers, you can have your own settings […]