Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic Tool helps a site owner detect malware

Site Owner could do a quick malware check on their siteor any other website using Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic tool









Visit the following URL and change the domain name in the end

It will tell you what type of data is stored about a compromised site anyway. Google’s Diagnostics answers four questions about a compromised site :

  • What is the current listing status for [the site in question]?
  • What happened when Google visited this site?
  • Has this site acted as an intermediary resulting in further distribution of malware?
  • Has this site hosted malware?

Hide the Apache Web Server Version number

There are two config directives that controls Apache version.

The ServerSignature directive adds a line containing the Apache HTTP Server server version and the ServerName to any server-generated documents, such as error messages sent back to clients.

The ServerTokens directive controls whether Server response header field which is sent back to clients includes a description of the generic OS-type of the server as well as information about compiled-in modules.

Add the following to .htaccess

ServerSignature Off
ServerTokens Prod