A study case: new pixert.com

We launched our identity site, pixert.com. It’s our core system where we centered our activities and works. The new pixert.com is 2011 version. We plan to have pixert.com redesigned every year.
We want to follow web design trend for that year.

We implemented the following web design trend in 2011

1. Simple Color Schemes
2. Large Photographic Background/Massive Images
3. Immersive Script Integration
4. Single Pages

Hello World!

Hello world is popular among first-time programmer, however this is not our first time. We’ve been around for three years now, serving clients from 5 contingent in the world.

2011 is special for Pixel Insert.There’s a  new member in the team, Handaru. We reboot Pixel Insert this year. We are going to add new products and services.